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Review: Baked From The Heart Calgary

I had the pleasure of having coffee with two lovely ladies who together with their love of baking and cooking have created a gluten-free, dairy free and egg free product that is truly straight from the heart.

They have an array of products, but I specifically tasted their fruit burst cupcakes: a vanilla cupcake, with a strawberry frosting (they use fresh fruit for the frosting which also comes in raspberry and blueberry). They have one of the few vanilla cakes that I have tasted that have a nice finish to them and not some gluten free grainy flavour to them afterwards. They are moist and not too sweet, with a well balanced icing on top. Over all an amazing product.


They do not have a shop front, and require at least 48 hours for all orders but I can speak from personal experience it will be well worth it. They attended last months Market Collective where they offered lots of samples for people to try so follow them on facebook to keep track of their happenings and their seasonal menu offerings!

Sarah and Vanessa, clearly have a passion and it is creating delicious, allergen friendly desserts that will make you smile and forget you are gluten-free, if even for a moment. I cannot wait to try more of their delicious baking.Baked from the Heart Menu


Fuck gluten, get money.

Oh hey check it out, my blogs first rant…given my nature I am surprised it took this long but hope you all enjoy it.

A year and a half ago I began to have some sincerely shitty problems, which I mean in both the literal sense and the figurative sense. My stomach hurt, my bowels hurt, my whole GI tract was on fire…a gurgling time bomb. And in turn it prompted, several trips the hospital and a awful endoscopy/colonoscopy with a biopsy to boot which left me with a disconcerting answer: celiac disease. It has been mentioned before, but to be honest I was aiming for colitis. Despite my Scottish last name, I come from an Italian family with a sincere love of pasta and the Stampedes famous mini donuts. With that biopsy I was handed a fresh pile of shit that at first stunk worse than its fathers that came before it.

However, I did right by my body and cut my old love affair out. I said goodbye to Ben and Jerry’s, half baked pints of ice cream, those pilsbury christmas sugar cookies with the Santa Clauses’ stamped on them, and real beer. However what I did not expect after doing so was to be so poor, I cut out one pain in the ass and inherited another.

My pet peeves about having a disease that I have no choice in the matter of,

1. paying 7.99 for a loaf of bread

2. Paying 10.99 for three cups of baking flour

3. Having to pay up charges  of 2.00-5.00 dollars at restaurants because I have to have the gluten-free bun or pizza crust.

4. Have I mentioned how much I loathe paying 7.99 for a fucking loaf of bread?

But alas, these are my miladies. I am bound by the gluten-free gods at Bobs Red Mill, Udis and Glutino and the fine establishments of my city to pay prices that to me seem unnatural. How is it I can go to Costco, buy a 15 pound bag of rice flour for 7.99 but when I buy a loaf of bread made with rice flour it is costing me the same price? Yes I could make 15 loaves for that price myself but I am a modern day woman with a full time job, a dog, friends and a kick ass blog. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Myself, and many other celiacs feel the pressure of being able to afford their food. And I can safely say that most of us feel like we are being penalized for a crime we did not commit. And I love my local proprietors and the fact that they went the extra mile to offer us poor celiac bastards some gluten-free loving on their menus and I realize that their up charges are a result of the fact that their suppliers are over charging them but it still sucks somedays. Hell, we all know it is not their faults and much like us they answer to the corporate jerks over charging for their products.

I know a lot of people who just avoid Calgary’s amazing restaurant scene because its too expensive to eat at them. Some say “its just three bucks who cares?” (moi, most of the time) but in a world where we are forced to eat to a certain kind of food for the sake of our bodies and longevity should we really have to say “its only an extra three bucks?” I am beginning to think not.

I believe some of these gluten-free companies, need to remember who they opened their doors for and why. And maybe need to reconsider their gluten-free morals pre-getting stinky filthy rich off their outrageously priced breads, cookies and crackers. The day they do, we celiacs will reap the benefits and will live our lives with full tummies, satisfied taste buds and some money left over in our wallets to dedicate to something other than our anti-gluten-obsessed lives.



Fall in love with Gluten-Free

Leah Tarts "The Market on Macleod" 7711 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta http://www.leahtarts.com/index.htm

Leah Tarts
“The Market on Macleod”
7711 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta

Need some fall loving but cannot find the gluten-free things to love? Look no further than Leah Tarts. This little bake shop located in the Market on Macleod will certainly satisfy that crave for fall baking without the stomach pains of their gluten-filled counterparts.

  • Prices? the same as their non-gluten free stuff, they do not believe in gouging us poor celiacs! it is a perfect place to hit up on your saturday or sunday afternoon!
  • Are you a pumpkin junkie? well they have flaky and light gluten-free pumpkin pies and pumpkin chai cake tarts!
  • Do you like a little something sweet with your morning tea, coffee or pumpkin spice latte? Look no further than their amazingly soft, sweet and crunchy lemon bars, or salted caramel half-way bars!
  • They also have gluten-free cookies, which mom ate all of them before I had a chance too…she is not celiac and that right there is how you know they were good.
  • Do you live in a divided household? half gluten-free, half normal? Well then, you are in luck as Leah Tarts caters to both crowds (although which the indistinguishable gluten-free pastry, does it really matter?)

I sincerely feel blessed to have happened upon this lovely business, in our local farmers market and I give it five stars and a big recommendation for those burdened by their gluten-free lifestyles and its high prices and dry tastelessness. Leah Tarts has breathed some new life into gluten-free treats for myself and I think it will for you guys too!


Review: Village Ice Cream

431, 10 Avenue SE Calgary Alberta T2G 0W3 403 261 7950

431, 10 Avenue SE
Calgary Alberta T2G 0W3
403 261 7950


The reaction of most of my friends when I mention this cool little hole in the wall off tenth avenue, “what is Village Ice cream?” Saddened I am that they have gone this long in life without this local, fresh and Calgary made, sweet indulgent treat and then I am grateful that I get to take them there and see their faces light up as we enter the small ice cream shop as they gawk at the groovy menu.

My inner tea lover rejoiced when I stumbled into village ice cream several weeks back and saw that earl grey was on the menu, and then a throw back to the childhood days of campfire season with the seasonal flavour of toasted marshmallow and the refreshing taste on a hot day of cucumber mint sorbet, nothing beats it.

As you approach, you realize how small this place is, lined up out the door but everyone is always the same; smiling, laughing and genuinely happy. This I believe is attributed mostly to the staff, they always welcome you to the shop and ask you about your day or what brought you in. That is something that makes you feel special and as though they truly care about you which when added on top of sweet, sweet ice cream makes for a wonderful time.

Village Ice Cream is one that caters to those where traditional dairy based ice cream is not an option, they have sorbets and mint chocolate made with coconut milk. After emailing Villages own, Billy Friley, It was determined that almost all flavours are gluten-free with the exception of the seasonal flavours containing types of cookies. However he mentioned that the staff would be able to answer any further questions regarding allergens at the store if needed.

And be sure to ask for it in a cup as the cones (even though their made in house and look amazing) are not gluten friendly.

In the spirit of Village Ice Cream, We are all villagers, Cheers to Billy and his amazing team!

Village Ice cream

Friday, July 18th 2014

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