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Review: Kinjo

When I discovered that Kinjo had gluten-free soy sauce (tamari) one could say that I was on cloud nine. It had always been may favourite place to get avocado rolls and shrimp ebi and salmon rolls…sorry I am getting carried away.

However my tip to Peter Kinjo, if you are going to cater to people with a severe GI disorder, train your staff about what offering gluten-free soy sauce entails. It means knowing what to advise people not to order…and yes I did go home sick several times because the spicy rolls are laden with wheat and I am sucker for spicy food. But no hard feelings because finally a nice young gent warned me. But ALL your servers should. Allergies are serious business and that designated bottle of tamari that says “GLUTEN-FREE” on my table should automatically come with warnings about possible death sentences on the menu.

Words to wise: anything battered, fried, or with special sauce, is not a-okay. Stick to your friends, basic, plain rolls, sashimi. Need it spicy? add that wasabi to your tamari but avoid the saucy, fried items…yes that hardly seems fair as both those words scream delicious but for the sake of your stomach later just say no.

Other than the staffs flawed allergen training, Kinjo in Shawnessy offers a warm atmosphere, with fun characters and delicious, fresh sushi that will be sure to delight anyone.

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