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Review: Village Ice Cream

431, 10 Avenue SE Calgary Alberta T2G 0W3 403 261 7950

431, 10 Avenue SE
Calgary Alberta T2G 0W3
403 261 7950


The reaction of most of my friends when I mention this cool little hole in the wall off tenth avenue, “what is Village Ice cream?” Saddened I am that they have gone this long in life without this local, fresh and Calgary made, sweet indulgent treat and then I am grateful that I get to take them there and see their faces light up as we enter the small ice cream shop as they gawk at the groovy menu.

My inner tea lover rejoiced when I stumbled into village ice cream several weeks back and saw that earl grey was on the menu, and then a throw back to the childhood days of campfire season with the seasonal flavour of toasted marshmallow and the refreshing taste on a hot day of cucumber mint sorbet, nothing beats it.

As you approach, you realize how small this place is, lined up out the door but everyone is always the same; smiling, laughing and genuinely happy. This I believe is attributed mostly to the staff, they always welcome you to the shop and ask you about your day or what brought you in. That is something that makes you feel special and as though they truly care about you which when added on top of sweet, sweet ice cream makes for a wonderful time.

Village Ice Cream is one that caters to those where traditional dairy based ice cream is not an option, they have sorbets and mint chocolate made with coconut milk. After emailing Villages own, Billy Friley, It was determined that almost all flavours are gluten-free with the exception of the seasonal flavours containing types of cookies. However he mentioned that the staff would be able to answer any further questions regarding allergens at the store if needed.

And be sure to ask for it in a cup as the cones (even though their made in house and look amazing) are not gluten friendly.

In the spirit of Village Ice Cream, We are all villagers, Cheers to Billy and his amazing team!

Village Ice cream

Friday, July 18th 2014

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