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DIY: Gluten-Free Flours

I decided that I could make my own flours for WAY cheaper than they are selling them in store, I simply purchase my certified GF quinoa and brown rice from Costco where you get large quantities for very cheap prices. The other thing you will need is a coffee grinder or a blender with a milling blade! (I have a nutribullet, it was 89.99 and it came with one and it mills all my grains perfectly)

Quinoa Flour, Brown Rice Flour, and Almond Flour 

For all of the above use as much as you like (I buy large costco size quantities so I make lots at a time)  and simply add these ingredients to a coffee grinder or a blender with a milling blade and grind all of these down until you have a fine, flour like consistency with each (ensure that everything is ground evenly so you do not end up with chunks of rice or quinoa in your baking). 

TIP: When making the almond flour ensure that you use blanched, slivered almond as this will be easier on your grinder and without the skins you will get a finer flour as the skins do not breakdown as well. 

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