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Celiac Christmas 101

Things people are most frustrated by holiday dinners and potlucks:





Cross contamination


Dessert: pies, cheesecakes, cakes, cookies


Cutting boards, turkey and stuffing, butter,


Easy, non-invasive solutions:

  • The person that invited you probably knows about your gluten allergy and while they don’t have to run out and buy bread and buns, you can plead for them to use extra caution in their kitchen. Chances are your friends do not want to kill your insides, as their Christmas gifts to you so don’t be shy bringing up your concerns.
  • Bring a Tupper wear container with butter, that way you don’t risk the cross contamination that other peoples knives may after introduced in the communal butter dish from buttering their dinner rolls. Secondly bring your own dinner rolls, care bakery makes some mean ones, they can be found at Calgary-Coops.
  • Are you the number one gravy lover? Offer to make that for the host, some people bring the salad, and others make the gravy. You can either use cornstarch and water plus the drippings or buy clubhouses gluten free gravy mix.
  • Stuffing… this one is tricky. There is still the few that actually make the stuffing in the turkey, in this case you are going to want to eat the top portions of the turkey or suggest to your kind host to cook it outside the turkey, or maybe use a stuffing bag to avoid cross contamination.


Being shy with celiac disease is not an option, you may feel guilty asking so much of those who are being so kind to you all ready and have so much to do but its your health and your well being. If anything gives you a stomachache on the holidays it should be from eating one to many pieces of that gluten free apple pie you made.

Desserts are too hard and time consuming to make gluten-free not to mention expensive? try Calgary’s own Lake View Bakery’s ready to bake apple and pumpkin pies, or sweets of the earth brownie batters and cookie doughs or grab some gluten-free mini cupcakes from Crave.

Cheese platters are EVERYWHERE during the holidays which totally blows without a cracker! The best bet is either bringing a box of gluten-free breton crackers, or glutinos bagel crisps (these can be found at costco).


Pamela’s and Glutino: Bread Mixes to Try

Having been celiac for a while now I have been given many opprotunities to try new bread mixes and the only two I now consider when shopping are Pamela’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix (for a traditional sandwich bread) and  Glutinos French Bread mix and Pizza Dough Mix (for french bread OR pizza dough, I like mixes that do double duty).

Pamela’s does amazingly well in a bread maker, it rises incredibly well and while it is baking has the same scent of your old gluten filled breads; yeasty and warm. It also stays incredibly fresh for days without drying out. Makes delicious french toast and is amazing on its on warm with butter.

Glutino’s mix I find works better with the old fashioned oven method versus the bread maker, it takes slightly longer to proof compared to what they mention on the box (although results may vary in different conditions) however it develops a lovely crust just like you would expect from a gluten filled french loaf and its insides are light and taste the same as gluten french bread.

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