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Pamela’s and Glutino: Bread Mixes to Try

Having been celiac for a while now I have been given many opprotunities to try new bread mixes and the only two I now consider when shopping are Pamela’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix (for a traditional sandwich bread) and  Glutinos French Bread mix and Pizza Dough Mix (for french bread OR pizza dough, I like mixes that do double duty).

Pamela’s does amazingly well in a bread maker, it rises incredibly well and while it is baking has the same scent of your old gluten filled breads; yeasty and warm. It also stays incredibly fresh for days without drying out. Makes delicious french toast and is amazing on its on warm with butter.

Glutino’s mix I find works better with the old fashioned oven method versus the bread maker, it takes slightly longer to proof compared to what they mention on the box (although results may vary in different conditions) however it develops a lovely crust just like you would expect from a gluten filled french loaf and its insides are light and taste the same as gluten french bread.

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