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Need to Try: GF Chocolate Cake Mixes

Not all two gluten-free cake mixes are made equally, I had to find this out the hard way, but you lucky ducks are entitled to a list of The YYC Celiac approved mixes that will be sure to delight your taste buds and that sweet tooth!

1. and I mean my number ONE favourite is Pamelas chocolate cake mix, it has the beautifully bold flavour of dark chocolate with a light and fluffy texture. It is super easy to whip up (no beaters needed) and the result is always the same: amazing.

2. Glutino’s ‘Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix’ is another fabulous option, this is another ideal chocolate mix that cooks up a little denser but is full of rich chocolate flavour, the texture is amazing enough you cannot even tell it is gluten free.

3. Presidents Choice GF chocolate cake mix is wonderful, and cost effective. However my only tip with this product is to not over bake or over mix. I found that baking it for the full recommended bake time was overkill.

4. Bobs Red Mill as per usual takes the cake with his products being  gluten free yet deliciously rich, just as chocolate cake should be.


Gluten Free Lovin in Lake Louise

Today I travelled to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for the Ice Magic Festival, it was amazing those folks are sincerely talented. However something that was so amazing was the worry of starving while I was out there-I forgot my celiac approved snacks. However to my surprise I found some of the most delicious gluten-free baked goods in Lake Louise!

Trailhead Cafe
101 Lake Louise Dr, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0

Not only was their coffee absolutely amazing and fresh but I ate one of the most sinfully delicious brownies I have ever had since being diagnosed. Chewy, fudge goodness with dried cherries scattered through the brownie…I instantly fell in love. As well I got a chocolate hazelnut cookie whose taste is comparable to that of a ferrero rocher chocolate. For those of you who aren’t gluten free they have pizzas, bagels, cheesy pizza buns and much more! And the prices considering the location and the size of the gluten-free goodies (which are usually extremely small portions) were extremely reasonable and large in size!

Chateau Deli
Address: 111 Lake Louise Dr, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0

Located within the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise this deli was a nice surprise. They had butter chicken and basmati rice (gluten-free) and they also had gluten-free sandwiches and salads! They also offer coffees, teas and cider and sell alcohol if your looking for a little something extra for your coffee.


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