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Amber Approved Magazine: Fall Edition 2016

Hi everyone,

If you’ve missed me, sorry for the hiatus, being a full-time student and working on some new material makes me one flakey blogger, however here is some news for you to bite into and don’t worry its all gluten friendly.

Fall is this incredible time of the year, the colours change, the air grows crisp and if you’re familiar with Calgary’s climate, you may even see some of the white stuff falling from the sky come October (gross but that’s where comfort food and warm beverages come into play).

This season, I had the opportunity to create some recipes for my friend and colleague Amber Romaniuk in her incredible online publication of Amber Approved Magazine, a gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar-free magazine and I am very excited to be sharing them with each and every one of you! Each recipe is inspired by that crisp air, warm colours and spicy rich flavours that one could only associate with fall.

With seasonal changes always come large changes for myself somehow, and this was a step that was scary and exciting all at the same time. So from my kitchen to yours, please check out the link to view Amber’s magazine and my sweet treats, I hope everyone likes them.


Enjoy & Thank’s for reading,

The YYC Celiac

P.S. if you enjoyed the mouth watering photos that accompanied by recipes, please thank my dear friend, Alexandra Borovsky.

This Just In: Grab a GF Cold One

You will notice there has been an addition to my website, ‘Grab a GF Cold One’, this is a page dedicated to Calgary restaurants and pubs that I have found gluten-free beers at. Which is bitchin’ because lets be honest, sometimes cider just don’t cut it when you want a nice cold beer.

You will note that on the page itself I have asked that if you have found gluten-free beer at a pub, bar or restaurant here in the city that is not currently listed to please give me a shout in the contact section!


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