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The Celiac Slump

We have all been here: the gluten-free diet is going fantastically, you have found the breads and pastas, beers, cakes and muffins that allow you to forget that your immune system hated gluten in the first place, but then it happens: the celiac slump.

Picture this: it is a relaxing Sunday afternoon when your boyfriend tells you that he has a treat for you, and to your dismay you have to decline because what he holds in his hands is a gluten filled ice cream sandwich. Your taste buds are dying to eat it, that soft cookie outside and that mint chocolate chip ice cream centre. And it literally takes everything in you to remember that by ingesting that ice cream sandwich you will go through the least romantic thing that could happen to a relationship: getting the shits and throwing up in his washroom once the gluten begins to digest.

I have been a celiac for a little over two years now and while things are definitely easier, I am a food label reading whiz, I know all the best flours and breads and what to never waste my money on the one thing I cannot seem to grow accustom to is the feelings associated with wanting to eat something you cannot. Cooking at home most of my days I am comfortable and do not often long for the foods I used to eat however when I step outside and am exposed and offered foods that still to this day make my mouth water I grow depressed.

It seems silly however I do sometimes miss my old life before celiacs, being able to freely go out for cheap beer at the pub with my friends without having to worry if the bar I am going to even has gluten free beer and foods, with certain circumstances I feel soul crushingly deprived and left out. Essentially in these social situations I am the odd one out, the sore thumb looking ridiculous asking if there is gluten-free options on the menu and sitting there foodless when the answer is no. While this is not always the case when it is, I hate it.

Overall I have grown well adjusted to my gluten-free life style but hey I am human after all and time does not always heal all wounds. It is human nature to be jealous on occasions, being envious of the person eating the pasta and ice cream sandwiches but these are scars that will heal and you will find that new normal. This will clearly never be an overnight process and each situation will require a new intervention, tailored to meet your taste buds and hearts demands.

My solution: I am going to hunt down gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, and stash them in his freezer for the next time we each have a hankering for something sweet.  Leave a case of your favourite gluten-free beer at your friends place for your next hang out and never hesitate to take these seemingly small steps because sooner or later you find your self with less envy and depression and more calmness and a feeling of normalcy. Which in my life is all I could ever really ask for.

Cheers, and good luck dealing with your own celiac slumps, want to share your solutions? feel free to leave a comment, feed back as always is welcomed and appreciated by all 🙂

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