My mission is simple: to find the best and most delicious gluten-free food this incredible city has to offer but that is not my only criteria for good food. I look for quality, and quality can mean different things from person to person so allow me to define my perception of the word ‘quality’,

  • Flavourful
  • No cardboard like breads, cookies, or cakes (who wants to eat cardboard?)
  • Locally made
  • Healthful (perhaps they use non refined sugars, do not use MSG or over processed junk)
  • Very Gluten-Free (food that will never send you home with a tummy ache)
  • Fresh

My seal of approval will always take all of my quality factors into consideration, I will always support my fellow neighbour before a large chain. In my eyes, life is too short to waste it on things that are not of high quality. I like to know the person behind my food and the love that went into crafting it.

Please note though, while I agree with and support a natural and healthy lifestyle I do not limit my choices solely on it. My blog will feature dishes that have refined sugars, dairy and other allergens. but I will do my best to note the use of such products in those dishes to help you make more informed choices.

My recipes will also uphold my quality standards and will never leave you feeling deprived. People thinking gluten-free baking is gross will be a thing of the past with my fabulous recipes!


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