A little big piece of me.

My name is, Chelsea Moffat and in short I am a 24 year old, Bow Valley College Business Administration Diploma Marketing Major Student (Graduating spring 2017), and I have celiac disease.

Though celiac disease is not all of who I am, it has become the driving force behind all of my recent achievements, breathing new life into my career aspirations, and overall self confidence and creating friendships.

If you don’t think that a dietary restriction can do all of that, Think again.

In 2013, I was newly diagnosed, in college working towards a nursing diploma that I liked but did not love. I felt lost, inadequate and that I did not fit in. Post diagnoses, I felt a need to connect with others like myself who fear the wheat. Now, 3 years later I have used this blog to propel my adult life, building strong, lasting, professional relationships, finding a college program that I feel represents who I am to some extent and is giving me the tools to fuel my creativity and the drive to make changes within my life and community.

Because of celiac disease, I now know that the sky is truly the limit and would like to see where else it takes me, right here in the beautiful YYC, Calgary, Alberta.

For more on my fabulous and gluten-free life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @theyycceliac or Connect with me on LinkedIn.
You may also find my recipes online in Amber Approved Magazine, Fall 2016 

Photo courtest of Alexandra Borovsky

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