Valentines Day: GF Sweets For Your Sweet

There is still five days folks and on social media I have been seeing tons of options for all those gluten lovers but none for  the gluten-free couple!

So here are my top three picks for gluten-free Valentines!

1. Baked From The Heart Calgary
baked from the heart valentines

– Locally owned and produced, these two ladies know how to make decadent gluten-free, dairy free and egg free creations. They have a fabulous Valentines menu that will be available to order until Thursday the 12th. Seriously worth it. Find their V-Day menu here

2. Fiasco Gelato

fiasco love

– Fiasco is a Calgary tradition and they have an array of goodies that you and your Valentine should scoop up asap. They have come out with a delicious line of hand crafted gelatos and sorbettos such as: dark chocolate raspberry. Also they have cinnamon heart hand crafted marshmallows. Find their collection and shop here 

3. Papa Chocolate
papa chocolate

– Handcrafted, rich chocolate creations from the one and only Bernard Callebaut, located in the Calgary Farmers Market, you will be hard pressed to find a better set of chocolates for your chocolate lover. Find more information here 

And when all else is lost, the number one gift for your Valentine is a kiss, Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely followers, you are indeed amazing ❤

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