Review: Ambrosia Veggie House

Ambrosia Veggie House
1009 – 4th Avenue S.W, Calgary, ON T2P 0K8
(587) 350-8848

On monday I made it out for a night with the Healthy Dine Out group, and I had the opportunity to have my carnivore taste buds schooled in the art of vegan fusion cuisine.

Ambrosia Veggie House, provides a quiet and relaxed atmosphere with deliciously healthy options for those who go without meat. Their servers are well versed in terms of MSG, Refined sugars, Gluten, and Dairy. If they are not 100% sure, they are not afraid to directly ask the chef what danger may be lurking in a certain dish. It is safe to say they effectively cater to most dietary restrictions.

At this dinner I dined on the pumpkin soup, which is something I highly recommend trying at least one, as it is not your traditional pureed pumpkin soup but offers a light broth and lots of veggies (whose texture was still nice and firm, no mushy peas in this soup.)

I also had the pleasure of having their curried vegetables, which can be made gluten-free. It was a nice smooth curry with a decent amount of heat (which if need be they can tone down to order). And if white rice is a sin in your healthy eating bible, they offer steamed brown rice as a side.)

Something I myself did not take immediate notice too was their plate sizes. They were on the petite side which aids in portion control (Thank you Crystal for pointing that out).

Over all I give Ambrosia Veggie my seal of deliciousness, and highly recommend it not only for vegan celiacs out there but those who are over all health conscious and strive to choose restaurants that are as educated about healthy eating, as they are.




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