Fall in love with Gluten-Free

Leah Tarts "The Market on Macleod" 7711 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta http://www.leahtarts.com/index.htm

Leah Tarts
“The Market on Macleod”
7711 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta

Need some fall loving but cannot find the gluten-free things to love? Look no further than Leah Tarts. This little bake shop located in the Market on Macleod will certainly satisfy that crave for fall baking without the stomach pains of their gluten-filled counterparts.

  • Prices? the same as their non-gluten free stuff, they do not believe in gouging us poor celiacs! it is a perfect place to hit up on your saturday or sunday afternoon!
  • Are you a pumpkin junkie? well they have flaky and light gluten-free pumpkin pies and pumpkin chai cake tarts!
  • Do you like a little something sweet with your morning tea, coffee or pumpkin spice latte? Look no further than their amazingly soft, sweet and crunchy lemon bars, or salted caramel half-way bars!
  • They also have gluten-free cookies, which mom ate all of them before I had a chance too…she is not celiac and that right there is how you know they were good.
  • Do you live in a divided household? half gluten-free, half normal? Well then, you are in luck as Leah Tarts caters to both crowds (although which the indistinguishable gluten-free pastry, does it really matter?)

I sincerely feel blessed to have happened upon this lovely business, in our local farmers market and I give it five stars and a big recommendation for those burdened by their gluten-free lifestyles and its high prices and dry tastelessness. Leah Tarts has breathed some new life into gluten-free treats for myself and I think it will for you guys too!



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