Review: Toscana Italian Grill

Toscana Italian Grill

This is a restaurant that my family visits often, local to where my grandparents live and filled with Italian charm that makes my grandfather swoon. The waiters speak Italian to him, giving him the immeasurable pleasure to dust off his Italian and take him back to a time when he practiced it often. This is a comfortable place that caters to people all of kind very well, the elderly and their mobility issues, my gluten-sensitivity and to those who want good, honest Italian food.

They have gluten free pasta, and crust for pizzas, and have two gluten-friendly desserts. Not to mention that will go the extra mile to perfect any dish to your tastes. Do not want a white sauce, or vice-versa? they will gladly change that for you, want a different cheese? go for it! They sky is the limit and they do it with a smile.

As far as Italian food goes they do they job very well, and while they may not have gluten-free bread like Chiantis does, they have a high quality gluten-free pasta and they cook it well, very well.

Affordable, close to home and friendly service makes Toscana’s a very good option for everyone. They are also vegetarian friendly.


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