Review: My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe

Sadly I must start this review as a negative nelly as say that the service at this once delightfully retro ice cream store was lacklustre, the pubescent boy behind the counter begrudgingly took our orders and scooped our ice cream, no welcome and no smiles were to be found. This would taint the sweetness of my should-be delicious cup of ice cream. 

My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe Ltd.  2048 42 Avenue SW Calgary Alberta

My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe Ltd.
2048 42 Avenue SW Calgary Alberta

A trip for ice cream on a hot summers evening is one that is whimsical in my mind, a crowded shop, smiling and laughing people…kids whose ice cream is running down their arms, and the staff are kind and welcoming, teenagers proud of their summer jobs, and the vets who have made knowing their community over an ice cream cone their life’s work. Sadly though, none of this was to be found. 

Growing up I remember the joy of My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe, 72 fabulous flavours, and something about it tasted better than any other ice cream, it was richer and I think that the people scooping it made it that way. Today my ice cream was indeed fresh, sweet and creamy but its experience was  dulled by the vibe of the shoppe. Want a delicious ice cream and live in the Marda Loop area, then this place is a convenient stop. However the chances of myself driving out of my way to come and visit is slim as I know that it will be a strange, melancholy experience as opposed to some of Calgary and areas ice cream/frozen yogurt hot spots. 

I am someone who bases her dining experiences mostly off of the service I receive, the energy or vibe of the establishment and how it made me feel. For myself, the most charm in 2014 about My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe is its retro painted wall mural that can be seen along 50th street. I regret to say, this does no long have The YYC Celiac stamp of approval. 



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