Review: Los Chilitos

1309 17th Avenue SW Calgary, AB Canada T2T 0C4  403-228-5528

1309 17th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
Canada T2T 0C4

Hola, El Mexicano mucho grande burrito…okay so my spanish is not exactly up to snuff, however in english I can convey very well that this place is a absolute gem.

It all started with a mango margarita, on the rocks: the perfect combination of tequila to mix and it was not too sweet. After my taste buds were perfectly primed from my marg, I began to indulge in the single best shrimp tacos I have had in my life thus far. They were stuffed to brim with big, juicy shrimp that I must add were perfectly cooked (one can never say they cheap out on the good stuff), there was a spicy sauce, red cabbage and fresh avocado slices on top. Eating them was quite the production, but I managed to leave no shrimp behind as I devoured my overflowing tacos.

Los Chilitos: Shrimp Tacos

Los Chilitos: Shrimp Tacos

Los Chilitos is small, however has a patio that can be covered which the night my boyfriend and myself went was lovely as we got to sit outside during a thunderstorm and watch the storm while we dined on the best mexican food in town. Their menu has items to suit everyones taste buds. Depending on your level of gluten-sensitivity I highly recommend the flautas: Fried corn tortillas rolled and filled with potato, poblano pepper and onion. topped with lettuce, sour cream, feta cheese and fresh salsa (GF, with the exception that they are fried in oil that has been exposed to gluten).

Los Chilitos: Flautas

Los Chilitos: Flautas


This place has a laid back, easy going vibe and has kind, excellently knowledgeable staff (in terms of their gluten-free menu) and is the perfect meeting place for a date or to catch up with friends.


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