Review: 500 Cucina: Italian Restaurant

Provided my last name is scottish, I was raised by my mothers side of the family for the most part who are quite Italian. With my grandfather being from northern Italy, I was raised to know real, honest to god Italian food and appreciate it. For a celiac, my change to gluten-free as you can imagine made Italian dining quite stressful, especially someone who lives off carbs like myself. 

This wednesday, I ventured on down to Inglewood to 500 Cucina, and my inner Italian dropped to her knees in joy of the fresh gluten-free penne pasta, the attentive, kind service was just the cherry on top. The hostess greeted us with a warm smile and sat us on the patio, which was lovely at 6:00, with the warm sun and the local colour passing by. The waitress, whose name I regrettably do not remember promptly took our drink orders, wine for the both us of however they had quite the creative drink menu, with many gin based drinks (I was in love for that.). My only complaint on the wine, was the skimpy 5 ounce pour, where most restaurants offer a 6-9 ounce pour for a similar price. 

We started off with the mussels, which were sourced from British Columbia’s own, Salt Spring Island and they were served in a grappa sauce with red peppers and shallots…embarrassingly enough I ate the sauce once I had robbed the plate of the mussels which I should add, was a generous serving. However some gluten-free bread, or buns to dip in the sauce would have been more than welcome. 

For the main, I stuck on my seafood kick and ordered the Linguine Pescatore which included more mussels (the more the merrier), shrimp, calamari and clams in a white wine, red sauce. The penne was cooked to perfection, which is always nice as gluten-free pasta is hard too cook and not every restaurant has mastered it yet. I scraped my plate clean once again, the atmosphere that evening was so pleasant I was not ready to leave and I ordered their affagato to finish (vanilla bean gelato, with espresso) this literally turned into an espresso milkshake and I then decided I could eat no more, much to my own dismay. 

500 Cucina, is placed in one of Calgary’s trendiest areas, the service is attentive and kind, and the food, impeccable. This is a restaurant you could hit up for drinks with friends, or have a nice sit down meal for two and if your really in the Italian mood, you could bring your family and sit around a table with them sharing good food and conversation. I definitely recommend this restaurant as it caters specially to those with allergies and is definitely celiac friendly. 

On a side note, i would like to add after conversing with Rocco of 500 Cucina, he mentioned that new menu is being launched and a new pastry chef is being introduced in the next week or so, there is much to look forward to at this local Calgary restaurant and I myself, cannot wait and am grateful for their presence in the gluten-free foodie community. 

Cheers to the fine people of 500 Cucina, see you again soon! 


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