Review: Una Pizza+Wine

Una Pizza+Wine 618 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB  T2S 0B4 (403) 453-1183

Una Pizza+Wine
618 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB
T2S 0B4
(403) 453-1183

Sundays, oh my beautiful sundays or that is at least what I think of when Una comes to mind. Why? you may ask, well Una since our first encounter about a month ago just about charmed the pants right off my mother and myself and so a sunday tradition was born.

Una Pizza + Wine is a small, and intimate pizzeria and yet for a trendy hot spot along 17th avenue is completely laid back and a place you can really grow to feel at home in. Only month of our weekly visits and their delightful service team never fails to remember us, or offer us our “usual” spot: a table for two by the window.

I initially brought my mom here as she has a serious reputation as a “wine-o” and as the saying goes, like mother like daughter and it was a match made in heaven. Second match made in heaven? A gluten-free menu that would leave any celiac or gluten intolerant individual weak in the knees.

It was shared with us that the owner suffers from a severe gluten intolerance herself, so anyone with a condition like this can feel confident dining at this establishment. Calgary’s own, Care Bakery supplies the fabulously thin, light and crispy gluten free crust and in house they make two gluten-free desserts, including a:

chocolate and hazelnut budino, mascarpone cheese icing
peanut butter + chocolate terrine, house made marshmallow,

roasted peanuts.

chocolate and hazelnut budino, mascarpone cheese icing

chocolate and hazelnut budino, mascarpone cheese icing

They are a huge supporter of local and even produce and harvest their own honey for their pizzeria, this is a business that as Calgarians we should feel proud of to call our own and support regularly (which isn’t hard when theres wine available to do it over!)

If you are not lured in by that alone, their kale caesar salad is something to die for, just order it sans toasted panko! All in all, at Una Pizza+Wine there is something for everyone.

Wait times at Una may be intimidating so I suggest going early in the day or sticking the wait out. Want to plan your arrival time a bit better? Follow them on twitter @UnaCalgary to keep track of their wait times, they update it often throughout the night. Second alternative to the wait? Take out, most of their menu is for take our however they swear that not all of their menu is meant for travel so please call, or refer to their menu online (although your missing out on the main experience by doing take out).

I thank you Una, for your presence in our community, your hospitality and your kick ass pizza and wine. My mom and I cannot wait to see you all sunday.

The YYC Celiacs, "Usual"  Gluten Free, margherita pizza

The YYC Celiacs, fave: The Gluten Free, margherita pizza


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