The YYC Celiac Returns…

Hello my fabulous following,

My apologies for my absence the last month or so, life got busy but things at home have settled down and I have been sitting on some amazing recipes on foodie experiences and I am just dying to share them with you all.

So over the next few weeks I will be making my come back for all of you in hopes of inspiring your kitchens at home and helping you all create a kick a!$ gluten-free life once more.

Should any of my instagram or twitter followers be reading this, your support makes me proud to do what I do and I thank you all so much for your feedback and questions via these great apps and I look forward to conversing more with you as I begin to populate my recipe book with more yummies.

Anyways, I hope everyones summer has been a absolute slice so far and your all keeping cool and speaking of which perhaps its time I started adding some of my liquid concoctions to recipe book for you all to sip away on your patios…ooh the possibilities are endless.

See y’all soon food lovers,

Chelsea Moffat
The YYC Celiac Founder


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