Celiac Disease and Cold Season

Staying healthy during cold and flu season is as about as fun as playing leap frog with a unicorn, as in not very. However I have found several things to work for myself in attempts to maintain my immune system during epidemics such as the one Alberta is under right now.

1) SLEEP. your body cannot repair itself nor defend itself if you are over tired, opt for at least 7-8 hours per night of uninterrupted sleep. With work and school as life this can be something that is extremely difficult to maintain but if you can manage it most nights your immunity will reap the benefits of catching those extra zzzz’s.

2) Vitamins, now while it is a myth vitamin C aids in cold prevention it has been shown that proper vitamin D intake is crucial in maintaing ones health and as celiacs we suffer from malabsorption of the sunshine vitamin so be sure to talk to your doctor about a supplement amount of vitamin D that is right for you. As well zinc is a fantastic supplement for your immune system. Also iron for celiacs is another supplement that is very much needed as we are typically anemic which makes us vulnerable to the outside world during cold and flu season.

3) Already sick? try a soothing combination of peppermint tea, freshly grated ginger (about a teaspoon) and a tablespoon of honey, and some sliced lemon. This will ease a sore throat, clear the sinuses and the ginger with the peppermint will sooth a upset tummy.

4) I invested in a nebulizer about 8 months ago (can be found at eden in the Calgary Farmers Market as well as Saje stores) you add essential oils to water and it moistens the air as well as dispersing soothing oils into the air. Eucalyptus in one of these is a godsend when congestion and cough strike. I found it aided in getting a proper nights rest.


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