The Calgary Food Bank: Celiac Hampers

It is the most wonderful time of year again, Christmas and for those of my readers who may celebrate other holidays this season, Happy Holidays to you as well.
However for many this is a month of sadness for those who cannot afford to feed their families. You think being celiac is tough on the wallet imagine being homeless, or just down right poor as a celiac or gluten-sensitive person. Health is something we all have the right to any time of the year however this holiday season one should be able to give themselves and their families food without the worry of being made ill by their food or having to break the bank.
The Calgary Food Bank has introduced ‘celiac hampers’ filled with delicious gluten free offerings. However without the support of other celiac or gluten-senstive people like ourselves this is something that is difficult to attain so please this holiday season scrounge up a few dollars and place a non-perishable gluten free item in a hamper and give someone in need of a decent meal a sliver of hope this season.

For more information of how to donate or how to acquire a hamper please visit:

look under the programs tab and choose specialty to find the celiac hamper information.


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