GF Flour Blends

So with the holiday season soon approaching I thought that a blog featuring products to splurge on for incredibly tasty baking and cooking would be a great help to those of you who plan to do some baking this season.

My top four gluten free flour blends (these are all certified gluten free) and in my last year of trying all different sorts of brands of flour these were the only ones I found amazing enough to even mention.

1. Cloud 9 All-purpose flour blend
– This gluten free flour is available for sale at Costco wholesale stores for less than 15 dollars per 44 ounce bag (5.5 cups). They offer cup-for-cup flour replacement with a blend of rice,buckwheat, tapioca flours with already added xanthan gum (the “gluten” in these gluten-free blends) it is a high fibre blend.

2. Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour

– This is a fantastic blend for cakes and cookies, breads, muffins, pancakes, and waffles. Bobs Red Mill All-Purpose gluten free flour can be found at co-op, superstore, and planet organic stores. It contains a blend of garbanzo flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, and fava flour. This does not come with the xanthan gum already added however there is a guide on the bag with recommended xanthan amounts for different types of baking. Slightly more expensive averaging about 12 dollars per 44 ounces (about 5.5 cups)
*They also have incredible brownie mix, pizza crust mix, and chocolate chip cookie mix 

3. XO Flour Co.

-It is a all natural baking four blend that is guaranteed to contain no rice, gluten, wheat or soy and it a blend of cassava flour, coconut flour and potato starches. I have only seen these in Calgary COOP stores and the price is around $9.98 per 21 ounces (almost 3 cups).
*They also have some other amazing cookies mixes (sugar cookies, gingerbread, chocolate peppermint, pumpkin pecan loaf and more) this product is pricey but the results it yields is so worth it. 


Pamela’s Artisan Flour Blend

– This is a more speciality item that I have tried once, it is a decent product however pricey for what little you get. This is a product you can only find at the calgary gluten free store or planet organic, or community natural foods. It would not be my first choice for baking as it is harder to come across and is not as readily available and is rather expensive.
*This brand has incredible chocolate cake mix that is to die for.



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