Hello All,
So for my first blog post in this celiac forum I thought that I would give a little bit of information about myself and what I like to call my on-going “battle” with celiac disease.

My name is Chelsea, I have lived in Calgary, Alberta for all of the twenty-one years of my life thus far. I am a nursing student, with a great love of dogs including my puppy peanut and for the last 9 months of my life I have been living the celiac life.

When I was diagnosed last January I found myself extremely lost and desperate for answers or clues on how to live gluten free affordably, to find what did not taste like cardboard and to find bread that wasn’t as a dense and chewy as shoe leather. I felt alone in this, I cried for days…okay maybe it was a few weeks before things began to normalize and I saw the light in all of this.

After being booted out of the examination room by my gastroenterologist with the horrifying news all while still slightly drugged from the biopsy I realized I knew absolutely nothing about celiacs disease which sucks so here is your first lesson folks:

1. Celiac disease is a autoimmune disease affecting the small intestinal tract specifically your duodenum. The duodenum is lined with villi and these villi are spiked with microvilli which are ‘fingers’ that grab onto the nutrients from your  digested foods and allows your body to absorb them.

In celiac disease the persons immune system sees the gluten from wheat, barely or rye as a dangerous invader and attacks it in turn damaging those delicate fingers (villi and microvilli) that allow your body to reap the benefits of the foods you eat.

The moral of this biology lesson: celiacs who eat gluten absorb very little to nothing at all of the foods they eat which means malnutrition which can lead to a wholly of problems including acne, decreased immune defences, thin hair or hair loss, osteoporosis, anemia, depression and in some cases glutens taxing nature on your immune system increases your risks of certain cancers.

So after learning all that I realized that this was not something I could ignore and began hunting down the creme de la creme of gluten free products. Which I then collected over the last nine months and decided to share with you all. I hope you enjoy this forum and that for those of you who are newly celiac may not feel so alone in this gluten free battle after reading this. 

I am very excited to share my experiences and the experiences of my celiac friends with you, cheers! Image

– Chelsea


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